Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (AB) will be composed of

Monica Bordegoni

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic University of Milan

Harvey Rowson

An industrial actor specialising in advanced software for industry 4.0

Manel Balcells

Health Commissioner at LEITAT and Director of the Healthcare Innovation Lab Orbital 40

Hagen Wenzek

Co-founder of CorporateHealth International

Politecnico di Milano, represented by Prof. Monica Bordegoni, the coordinator of the Virtual Prototyping Lab at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, who will chair the Advisory Board.

Mr. Harvey Rowson represents DeltaCAD,  an industrial actor specialising in advanced software for industry 4.0 transformation including VR and AR systems, used on very large DMUs and in highly demanding contexts.

Manel Barcells represents Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia (LEITAT) which is a Living Lab consisting of three big university hospitals, three universities with international campuses.

Since 2013, Dr Hagen Wenzek is supporting technology-led services business gain scale. These engagements range from short-term strategy developments to full operational responsibility at CorporateHealth International – a European business that was launched in 2015 to develop tele-endoscopy using video capsule technology.